Colluding with Creativity: the Experience of Auckland Theatre Company

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Colluding with Creativity: the Experience of Auckland Theatre Company

By | August 2008
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Case study 3.1 reports on the increasing need of leisure and entertainment in New Zealand that has driven Auckland Theatre Company (ATC) to offer theatrical productions as an outlet for relaxation. It shows how ATC has successfully marketed its products with the aid of Maslow hierarchy of needs to cater to consumers’ needs. Findings

1. At ATC, consumers are able to satisfy the 5 levels of needs established in Maslow hierarchy. They are physiological, safety and security, social, ego and lastly, self-actualisation needs. 2. Conducting motivational research will allow ATC to gain more accurate information to aid development of new ideas as it discovers consumer’s subconscious motivations. 3. Many other products that are able to meet consumer’s needs exist in the market. Certain products may even fulfil all 5 levels of needs concurrently. 4. The current trend of ‘spontaneous consumer’ in New Zealand has resulted in a low number of subscribers to ATC. Recommendations

1. Hassle-free booking process, regular update of website and sending reminders to mobile phones are measures ATC can adopt to attract the ‘spontaneous consumer’. 2. Other marketing strategies such as cocktail parties, gala premieres and personalized ticket can also meet consumers’ social, ego and self-actualisation needs. Conclusion

Maslow hierarchy of needs is a useful tool, which ATC has fully utilised to market its products so as to satisfy a consumer’s 5 levels of needs through a theatre experience. INTRODUCTION TO CASE STUDY 3.1

Case Study 3.1 dwells on the topic of consumer needs and motivation, of which understanding is essential to marketers as the information enables anticipation of behaviour in the market. It is thus the basis of modern marketing. In Maslow hierarchy of needs, 5 levels of needs are identified to help us understand consumer needs. Also, marketers must learn of the subconscious motivation that drives consumers to make purchases because of...

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