Collision of Cajamarca

Topics: Inca Empire, Cajamarca, Atahualpa Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Are Books Responsible For The Death of Atahualpa?

Many Spanish explorers had come to the Americas in search of riches, spices, and gold. Despite being well-armed, they were largely outnumbered by the native tribes. These tribes also held the advantage of being in their own land that had been uncharted by the explorers up to that point. But, were the technological advances of the Spanish the main factor to the fall of these “new world” leaders? But more importantly, how did the Spanish develop this technology before the Incans?

The Battle of Cajamarca is a clear example of the inequality of technology. Spanish soldiers, who accounted roughly 200 soldiers, managed to overtake the Incan troops of over 80,000. In addition, they brutally murdered their commanders, and took captive their leader, Atahualpa. 7,000+ Incans were killed and many others wounded; only one Spaniard was wounded soldier. The Spaniards wouldn’t have accomplished this feat if the two forces had the same weaponry. In fact, the gap in technology was so immense, that the sound of trumpets and cannons frightened all of the Incans to suffocate each other in an attempt to escape.

Advances in warfare weren’t the only technological dominance of the Spaniards. Prior to this massacre, Friar Vincente de Valverde attempt to persuade Atahualpa into becoming a Christian. An confused Atahualpa was insulted by the Friar. When given the bible from the Friar, Atahualpa didn’t know what to do with it. Once he opened it, he was frightened by the content inside, flinging the book. This gave the Spanish the impression that he was a heretic. This meant that the Incans had little to no understanding of records.

Records gave the Spanish knowledge. They used the information in books to help progress their society, studying documented events in the fields of science, math, literature, historical events, and other categories. They kept adding more knowledge, and documenting it. They used books as...
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