Colleges for the Deaf in the United States

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Colleges for the Deaf in the United States
There are many colleges and universities across the United States that offer ASL and/or ASL Interpreter programs. Today, deaf students can choose to attend any of these institutions, but the two historic deaf colleges continue to attract most of these students.

Gallaudet University started out as a small school for the deaf and blind in the District of Columbia. Established by Amos Kendall in 1856, by 1857 Kendall had encouraged Congress to incorporate the Columbia Institution of the Deaf and Blind in a house that sat on 2 acres of land that he donated. Edward Miner Gallaudet, son of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, founder of the first public residential school for deaf students in the U.S., was named the first Superintendent. It took 8 years before the Columbia Institution was able to grant college degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Gallaudet was named president of the college which only had 8 students enrolled that year. In 1954, the name of the institution was changed to Gallaudet College to honor Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. Gallaudet College would eventually be granted university status in October 1986, one hundred and thirty years after the schools establishment (Galluadet University: A Brief History).

Today, Gallaudet University is the world leader in liberal education and career development for deaf and hard of hearing students. The university, which is considered bilingual, offers 39 majors that lead to a bachelors of arts or a bachelors of science. Even though the majority of the students are deaf or hard of hearing, a small number of hearing students are accepted into the university (About Gallaudet).

The second deaf institution in the United States is the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Even though NTID has not been around for as long as Gallaudet University, it has become a very important educational center for the deaf community. Rochester Institute of Technology competed with 8 other...
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