College Years

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Patiphat Pattanasittangur
Annae Nichelson
ESOL 230-Advanced English Skills (CRN 18712)
The College Years
I believe that a majority of Thai people in my generation have been through college lives or university lives one way or another. Some say that college lives are boring and hard because of the drudgery and tedious tasks that they had been assigned. However, I discovered that college life taught me numerous things not only in academic subjects but also in a real life that I will encounter in the future.

To begin with, one unique aspect that I could only find in the college is college experience which is valuable and precious for me because I am a kind of person who loves to participate in activities or events, especially in cheerleader which intrigues me the most. Even though in my first year of college, I did not join the cheerleader team due to the fact that I had a hard time to adapt to the college life, especially the academic schedule, I was a choreographer for the team in the second year. One of the best memorable moments that I never forget was when my cheerleader team finished their show and everyone gave them huge applause. Until today, I am still glad that I went to the college and spent every worthy moment.

Another thing which I am fond of in college life is friendship and relationship due to the fact that in every weekday, we always met a lot of students from different faculties, especially in classroom that we could make friendship easily. I like to socialize with people; Therefore, I had a lot of friends in college, and we share our ideas, thoughts, and opinions frequently. Furthermore, our relationship is still strong until now; we keep contacting to each other; we help each other and have fun.

In conclusion, I gained many valuable things from the college life not only precious experience but also a strong relationship. However, I sometimes thought that the life after a college would be better because I did not need to ask...
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