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Topics: Agatha Christie, Johnny Weissmuller, Johnny Appleseed Pages: 5 (944 words) Published: May 3, 2011
1.) Adequate
2.) Inadequate; it’s written in a question form and the answer isn’t already obvious to the reader. 3.) Adequate
4.) Inadequate; you shouldn’t make your thesis statement merely an announcement of your subject matter or a description of your intentions. 5.) Adequate
6.) Inadequate; the writer is trying to explain two different issues in one essay. 7.) Inadequate; the writer is being unreasonable and may be insulting his readers. 8.) Adequate
9.) Adequate
10.) Inadequate; the statement is merely stating a fact that is self-evident or a dead-end topic.

1.) Many people have a negative experience when applying for a job. It clearly states an opinion that will be supported in the essay. 2.) The county’s new voting machines have many advantages. Only one topic is being discussed. 3.) Buying baseball tickets online can be difficult. It clearly states the topic which will be discussed without giving one opinion. 4.) The controversial motorcycle helmet law is a growing debate. You’re not explaining your topic. 5.) There are lots of ideas about what to do about the billboard clutter on the main highway into town. You’re not just stating a face or giving a dead-end topic. 6.) There are many issues with the insurance laws in this country that need to be rewritten. You’re not giving a dead-end topic. 7.) Bicycle riding is a good exercise. You’re not stating your opinion. 8.) Santa Barbara is a fantastic place. You’re not stating your opinion. 9.) The Civil Rights Movement helped shaped this country. You’re not giving too many details in the statement. 10.) Thriving Ivory is very popular in my area, but they don’t have a lot of local shows. It’s focusing on one topic.

1.) Being a teacher is a very rewarding job.
2.) The new Georgia Law, ‘No texting while driving,’ some argues is a violation of their 4th amendment. 3.) Toy Story 3 was one of the best children movies of all times. 4.) Knee high boots are a trend that will last throughout the years. 5.) There are a lot of great things to do while vacationing in Florida.

1.) A recent report on Cuban land crabs shows that they can run faster than horses.

2.) The teams from Snooker Hollow High School are considering switching from basketball to basket weaving because passing athletics are now required for graduation.

3.) Neither of the students knows that both mystery writer Agatha Christie and inventor Thomas Edison was dyslexic.

4.) Each of the twins has read about Joseph Priestley’s contributions to the understanding of oxygen, but neither was aware that he also invented the pencil eraser.

5.) Clarity in the speech and writing is absolutely essential in the business world today.

6.) Historical data suggest that the world’s first money, in the form of coins, were made in Lydia, a country that is now part of Turkey.

7.) Bananas, rich in vitamins and low in fat, are rated the most popular fruit in America.

8.) There are many children in this country whom appreciate a big plate of hot grits, but none of the Hall kids like the Southern dish.

9.) Either the Labrador or the Yorkshire Terrier holds the honor of being the most popular breed of dog in the United States, says the American Kennel Club.

10.) Many people consider Johnny Appleseed a mythical figure, but now two local historians, authors of well-known books on the subject, argue that he was a real person named John Chapman.

1.) He couldn’t wait to hear country star, Sue Flay, sing her version of, “I’ve Been Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart.”

2.) “If you were in Wyoming and couldn’t hear any wind blowing, what would people call you?” asked Jethro. “Dead,” replied his buddy Herman.

3.) It was believed by Aztec ruler Montezuma that chocolate had magical power and could act as an aphrodisiac.

4.) Tammy’s favorite band is Opie...
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