College Worth the Price

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Joseph Maldonado
Prof. Petitfrere
ENG 101
April 24, 2013
College Beneficial or Waste?
Charles Murray “Are Too Many People Going to College”, argues by admitting so many incaple and uninterested students into traditional four-year programs, schools are dumbing down the educational experience. Murray basically states that we deprive those who don’t belong in college an education that will pay off. Sanford J. Ungar argues the misperceptions which exist in our society on how worthless the Liberal Arts are nowadays. Ungar believes anybody can benefit from a college degree, especially a Liberal Arts one. College students at one point probably have thought to themselves that college is a waste of time. Even though college can be beneficial for students who apply themselves, college is not for everyone especially students who don’t care.

Students with the “I Don’t Care” attitude will not benefit from college simply because of their mindset. Instead of the student sitting in the class counting the minutes until class is over, that student should focus more of that time on learning. That kind of attitudes distracts them from what should be the reason why they are there to improve themselves, but they don’t care. People get out of college what they put in, and for the students who don’t care it’s definitely going to show, in their work from the lack of dedication. Students, who tend to bad in a certain class, tend to have an attitude of not caring for that class. A situation like that can affect how the student is doing in is other class, especially the ones he/she is doing well in. The stress can have a toll on them, when your stress out who tend to care less, because you can have the feeling that they’re not going to get anywhere. Not caring is going to cause them to not want to put in the dedication and work that is going to be involved in improving themselves in the class their doing bad in. Habits of studying, listening and participation is developed when...
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