College Tuition and Economy

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Kaitlynn Gibson
Coach Frei
English IV
17, December 2012
Financial Problems
It is no secret the economy of the U.S. is slowly decomposing. Luxuries are no longer secondhand to the consumers of America. Tuition is sky-rocketing, the prices of books are outrageous, and the housing to live near a college of choice or worth is preposterous. These problems are facing incoming freshman, causing great stress and overwhelmingly horrid sentiment.

Financial stress freshman are having has become overbearing for most. Tanya Caldwell from New York Times states, “the costs seem to keep rising ever semester for students” (Caldwell 2). This is not a joke to the incoming freshman, never dealing with these type of troubles, they are now facing them in today’s society. “college’s fell the need to send out a warning to incoming freshman, it’s obviously a common problem” (Gerszberg 4). This statement makes a lot of sense, noticeably colleges should warn the students mainly the freshman about the struggles college brings. Though there is a lovely explanation for why colleges do not want to tell freshman about the financial problems. the answer colleges would lose money, and in this type of economy no one wants to do that. Caldwell states, “the tuition increase has made it difficult to graduate on time. With all of the cuts and lack of funding, it is hard to get the classes she needs for her majors.” The stress freshman are having are not only because of the loss of money, but because of the cuts and the funding for financial aid not working. Students are having complications trying to get their majors done when the colleges continuously are cutting funding for classes. The stress for a incoming freshman is atrocious.

The cause of financial problems is the economy. The economy is in ruins, which makes the tuition of colleges rise for the colleges to pay for the classes that students require. “while the poor economy may be partly to...
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