College Tuition

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College as we all know is very pricey from the cost of tuition all the way to the text books and fee’s, but the question I’m sure everyone including myself would like to know is why? And where all the money that we pay is actually going. College is what everyone knows as furthering there education or it’s a way to get a better paying job. One of the very first things people look at when applying for a college the is the tuition. How much is this school going to cost me. The cost of college tuition has changed a lot over the years. who knows what it will be in the next five ten years. But as for right now its expensive enough. With there being so many different colleges across the U.S. There should be one universal cost for all the four year colleges and one for the two year colleges instead of having one college cost thousands of dollars more then the other ones. I am in my second year of college at the community college of Denver, and granite it’s one of the cheaper schools I still think that the cost is outrages. We go to college to better our lives to get more training and education. So we can get that better paying job. Its not easy to do and not every one can do it. But is spending all this money really helping us better our lives or is it making life harder and more stressful? Most people cant pay the full tuition up front so they look at there options. Taking out a loan, or getting on a payment plan. If you decided to take out a loan that’s great you don’t have to worry bout money right now its taken care of. What happens later on down the road when your out of school finally and still broke but this time your in more debt then you know how to handle. Is it necessary to have the cost of tuition so high that a lot of people cant afford it, are school boards or school officials trying to put us in debt? It’s hard enough to get out of debt and when your there the money just keeps adding up. Tuition is different for every school and I’m sure there is a...
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