College Transition

Topics: High school, Learning, Study skills Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: December 3, 2012
My Transformation
My first expectation coming to college was it was to be the best time of my life. I went to a high school where everyone knew everyone, in Anaheim Hills, California. I was used to seeing the same people over the years and now it has all changed. I left my comfort zone and flew across country to Boston, Massachusetts. The transition from a high school senior to a college freshman was different from what I was told. I came into college knowing no one and nothing about Boston. Throughout my first semester of college at MCPHS, I had to develop new study skills and learn how to be independent. I also had to learn to cope with the distance away from home.

In high school studying for me was reviewing my notes for an hour and possibly making flash cards. On the other hand, here I have had to study days in advance for exams. In addition to getting a decent grade, I have had to attend tutoring and skipping classes is not an option. During my high school courses, I could doze off in class and still manage an A. Even so, college requires me to stay focused and prioritize my time. The level of difficulty I have experienced in my college courses was a huge shock to me.

Getting along with my roommate and suitemates was also a new task, since I have never had to share a room with someone before. When I came to MCPHS, I was so worried that my roommate and I would not get along. Along with that, she was not going to be nice and would be a slob. After getting to know her, I realized that she and I are more similar than I expected.

After coming to college, I realized how much responsibility one person has to have to live with roommates and be independent. Living with three people is difficult. You have to make sure to pick your fights. You cannot argue about every disagreement you have. I have noticed this because we have learned to let go of some things that bother us. I went from having someone telling me what to do to recognizing things about myself that...
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