College Success Depends on You

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College Success Depends on You

College Success Depends on You
The student is the only one who can dictate success with his education because the only thing keeping him from receiving an A in any class is himself. Personal responsibility means a person is the only one who directly can manage the outcomes of that person’s life. With education, no matter how much effort the people around the student puts toward helping him with his education, at the end of the day, he is still responsible for completing his own work. What Personal Responsibility Means to Me

A person is responsible for his own self in his life after he is able to think and act for himself. A child’s parents will be responsible for him until he is eighteen, but honestly, from the time he is able to think for himself, he is the one who is ultimately responsible for his actions. To be responsible means the person will own his actions no matter the outcome. A person who is in control of his own responsibility can do anything he puts his mind to because he knows he controls his life. Relationship of Personal Responsibility and College Success

While attending college, a student has a large amount of different resources at his disposal, but he is the one who actually has to use them. For example, his family and loved ones are here to support him during his college career, but if he does not seek out their support or ask them for time away to study, then he is not using them to the fullest. Also, his professors and counselors are there to help him learn the course material and guide him throughout his time at the college. If he does not make the time to meet with them and seek out their advice, then the student is doing himself a disservice in becoming the best student he can be. The student is the only one that can keep him from receiving that A in any class he attends. A responsible student will take the time and use the help the school offers with his school work rather than...
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