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Topics: Gang, Crime Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: March 16, 2013
1. Who is the protagonist in this story--Trevor, Blackie, or the gang? Who or what is 
the antagonist? Identify the conflicts of the story. I think Trevor and Blackie are both protagonists. I think that Old Missery is an antagonist, because after all the war and destruction, it still stood tall and proud. It antagonized the gang to destroy the beauty of it, so that it would be no better, nor worse than the rest of the town. 
2. How is suspense created? 

Suspense is created by Mr. Thomas' arrival, and from since the beginning of the destruction. Through out the story, it was not said when Mr. Thomas would be home. When he arrived home, the suspense peaked by putting him in the outhouse, then everything seemed to settle down a bit. This indicated they were finalizing the destruction of the mansion.

3. This story uses the most common basic plot formula of escape fiction: 
protagonist aims at a goal, is confronted with various obstacles between self and 
goal, overcomes the obstacles and achieves the goal. How then is this story 
different from escape fiction? Does it have a happy ending? The content of the story is what makes it different from an escape fiction. The story line was typical but the fact that the boys wanted to destroy rather than gain is what makes this story vary from others. The story has a blunt ending, where T's goal was completed. It was happy for him, and the taxi driver. All they could do was laugh. 
4. What characteristics do the gang’s two named exploits—pinching free rides and 
destroying the house—have in common? They break down the wall between the rich and the poor. It's a luxury to have the ability to ride a trolly rather than walk, and they get to do it for free, although it costs money that they don't have. Destroying the house was the same. It made everything in that neighborhood equal, and no one thing was better than another.

5. Of what significance, if any, is the setting of the story in blitzed London? The significance is...
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