College Students: Their Health Care Dilemma

Topics: Higher education, University, College Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: July 15, 2011
College Students: Their Health Care Dilemma
By: Bonnie Strother

English 1520
Oakland Community College
Submitted to: Professor Thomas F. Paruszkiewwicz

The enormous rate of students that attend college without health insurance. Colleges and Universities that offer insurance to their students. How many students are able to afford health insurance?

Colleges that automatically include health insurance fees with student’s school term fees or make having health insurance a requirement. Body
I.Top Colleges and Universities health care insurance requirements. A)How students pay for health insurance.
B)International student’s insurance coverage.
C)Who is eligible for the health care insurance?
II.Kind of coverage that is offered to part time or full time students A)The exclusions of medical coverage

There is an enourmous rate of college students that are without health insurance. According to a recent Commonwealth Fund Task Force survey, in the past 10 years the number of uninsured young people has risen from 22 percent to 30 percent. There are currently 12 million uninsured 19 to 29 students. Many colleges, universities, graduate schools, professional schools and trade schools offer a school-sponsored health insurance plan. If students don’t enroll in a school-sponsored plan, they are required to show that they have comparable coverage from another source. Almost every University or Community College offers some kind of medical insurance coverage plan today. There are also some schools that automatically enroll students into their health insurance program like Harvard, whose students are automatically enrolled in the Harvard University Student Health Program (HUSHP) These plans however, are very costly to students who are trying to obtain an education and pay for it. Some of them have to obtain an part-time job, not to pay for their education, but to pay for the insurance plan. Some...
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