College Students Drop Out of School

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Brittany Jones
Mrs. Parr
EN 0103-07
5 Nov. 2012
College Students Drop Out of School
College students have the ability to finish school, but their issues in their personal life take a very big toll on their school work. Students can work hard and can still feel like they have not done their best in school. The main reasons college students drop out of school is stress, failing classes, and financial aid problems. For the first reason, college students drop out they tend to get stressed out. Stress can lead up to a bunch of work, studying for two tests at one time and trying to balance everything at once. Well, most of the students have jobs so that puts more stress on them. Also, they will drop like three classes because all of the work that has to be done. Stress can lead up to not focusing in the classroom and not doing well in class. This is one reason why students drop out of school. The second reason is failing classes. College students tend to not do well in the classes and end up failing. They can attend class every day and still do not do well on a test. Some students barely show up to class, and they miss out on the lesson. Then they also get distracted by the problems that go on in their lives. Failing class can really let the students to decide to drop out. The last reason is having financial aid problems. More students drop out because they cannot afford to pay off loans. Students get loans because they cannot afford the high costs of college. They have to pay for dorm rooms, food, and also books. Some of them cannot get books for classes so they tend to miss out on class work. The financial aid problems can really let a student second guess themselves about staying in college. This is the main reason why students decide to drop out of school. College students do not want to drop out, but they do not have another choice. The stress, failing in class and financial aid problems will lead to dropping out of school. College is really not hard but it...
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