College Student Obstacles

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  • Published : June 9, 2011
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My Obstacles as a College Student
There are many Obstacles in my life as a college student, and I hadn’t prepared myself to get through all of them. Many obstacles lead back to money and not having enough to get to the stable and secure career in the future. My main obstacles are: money, procrastinating, fear, and being unsure of what I want to do.

Money is an obstacle that many people face not only in college, but in daily life. This semester I had to pay for half of my tuition, and that was difficult to do with two low pay retail jobs. I was also lucky enough to have a friend who had all but one of the books I needed, and she was happy to lend them out to me. She saved me about 400 dollars, 400 dollars that I didn’t have to begin with. It was a huge blessing to get all of those books for free. Money is a huge issue, especially in these hard times. Just to get my bachelor’s degree I’ll most likely have to part with a few vital organs. Universities are going up in price, and by the time a student gets through all of the prerequisites they have to take to get to the one test, they’re already in debt. Money will always be an obstacle unless by some act of God I win the lottery.

Procrastinating is also an obstacle for me because I ALWAYS wait until the last minute. I procrastinate on homework, studying, signing up for classes, and even getting ready to leave for school. If I didn’t procrastinate so much I could be doing so much better in school, and I’d probably be in a university instead of settling for a community college. If I had pushed myself to do better and work harder I’m sure my life would be so much different. I need to work on pushing myself, and doing things right away. I would love to be less stressed out just because I did something early or on time.

Another large obstacle in my life would have to be fear. I fear that I’m going to fail in school because I don’t have much confidence in my intelligence. I fear that I will not be able to achieve...
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