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Topics: Essay, Writing, Skill Pages: 4 (1370 words) Published: February 10, 2013
What is an academic paper? Rough draft # 1
Scott Borchardt

Davenport University

English 110
Professor Diana Stout
February 12, 2013
This abstract is to analyze why students need to write papers as college students we are going to analyze discuss and write about arguments. What is an academic paper?
Even though many students claim to dislike writing academic papers, there are many positive benefits to writing these papers as college students. Knowing how to write convincing memos, emails, and project proposals, sets you apart from most people in college or the workplace. Writing convincing essays (in whatever form they may take) will lead to getting better grades in college, advancing forward to new career, and potentially adding dollars to your salary.

Being able to join in, and participate in a discussion going on around you (written or otherwise) allows you to state your opinions logically, and argue them successfully. There are so many written, spoken and electronic discussions going on around us right now. These discussions could be something printed in the newspaper (electronic or printed edition) or discussions presented at your town City Hall meetings, or perhaps writing a letter to your Congressman about an issue that concerns you. Write about the myriad of concerns and questions that you have about what is going on in the world of your family, your friends, your school, or your workplace.

Being able to write down your opinion, allows you to demonstrate that you possess the ability to think clearly. Writing well might possibly persuade your reader that your point of view is worthwhile, and should merit the reading of your paper all the way to its end, even if they disagree with the position you have taken. Writing academic papers is a tool we sharpen as we go to school. Our papers, like a pencil start out flat and not very interesting but hopefully as we get better at writing academic papers, our pencils get the sharpening...
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