College Sports Money

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College Sports Money

By | November 2012
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ENGL 1301.089
March 25, 2011
Proposal Essay Final
“Where is the Money Going?”
Since the early 1990’s, young high school prospects like Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James have skipped the collegiate level and went straight to the pros. If players with their talent would have went to college they could have possibly changed the history of who would have won the championships during the years they were enrolled. You also have player like Hasheem Thabeet, T.J. Ford, and Joe Smith who all had great college careers, but they might of left college too early either in their freshman or sophomore years of college. The problem of players skipping college or leaving college early affects not only the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), but it also hurts the NBA. Instead of just forcing these athletes to stay in school I believe colleges need to take action and give the kids a reason to stay. They leave school because they have an opportunity to make millions of dollars. They also leave because the longer they stay the more they risk their chances of making it to the pros because of injury. That is why I propose that these scholarship athletes are given an incentive paycheck that increases every year they remain in college. This proposal will help issues like early student’s departures, NCAA violations, and end this modern day slavery.

First, I believe if scholarship athletes were paid they would stay in college longer, and if they stayed in college longer more fans would be excited about the college sports again. For example, I was a big college basketball fan when I was able to see a player that had talent come to college and mature as a player. The last great college player I watched that stayed till he graduated was Tim Duncan. Tim was a good center when he first reached the college level, but he had room to improve. During his first year, he played great college centers like Joe Smith and Rasheed Wallace. Joe Smith in college...

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