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Topics: Problem solving, Construction, Collaboration Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: April 10, 2013
About Taking Initiative
It requires you to take initiative, to manage conflict and to be accountable for your results. Taking charge forces you to be prepared, positive and focused on taking the actions that make things happen.

When you are managing clients who have clients of their own. That’s when it’s your job to spark the highest possible level of performance, and to ensure the welfare of your entire team. Listen carefully. Ask the right questions. Make confident, informed decisions. Responded with urgency and deliver superior performance every time, the main focus being to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

You manage expectations, anticipate risk and resolve disputes. Our clients need to trust that they are in capable hands. The main focus being to get things done.

Being Collaborative within the team and outside
It starts with respect and trust for each member of the team. It requires a willingness to communicate openly and to accept input from everyone involved in the project. Cultivate creativity and innovation. Inspire your team to do the right thing and to take intelligent risks. Empower your clients by giving those options and letting them choose.

Collaboration is fueled by the genuine desire to join forces in pursuit of a great experience and great results. It’s powered by solving problems rather than pointing fingers…by identifying and dealing with risk, rather than just asking questions. Collaboration delivers on our mission to make the construction process easy. It keeps our clients and partners safe, informed and involved.

Make sure your clients know they’re important to you. Be there for them beyond the parameters of the project. It requires you to focus on the common goals, manage the conflicting ones and maintain alignment on the project objectives. Always respected the team member’s priority, whenever there was an availability issue.

The Spirit to listen and a deep understanding of what’s important to all...
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