College Sleep Deprivation

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  • Published: October 18, 2011
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Jason Cook
Eng 101

Do college students get enough sleep?
College life is a time full of fun, friends, activities, classes, and homework. All of these activities however, add up to a busy life style. Being busy is not in itself harmful but when the busyness becomes so great that it turns into stress, that’s when problems start to arise. The formation of stress leads to many unhealthy trends, such as lack of sleep, loss of immunity to disease, and a change in personality traits. How then can stress in the busy lives of college students be reduced? The answer is simple, an individual just has to manage his or her time in order to get good sleep and therefore relieve stress. Colleges across the country need to create a program of required exercise because it’s a key factor in getting over stress. My point of view on the subject is that every college student should fix this problem their freshman year. I believe that if you do have a problem and decide to just stick with late night study logistics, then you are in for a world of massive migraines and extreme stress. This could ultimately result in you failing and being forced to drop out. In my paper I will explain to you not only why you should avoid sleep deprivation, but also illuminate you with some important tips on how to manage your time more efficiently. Managing your time wisely and staying organized is key to maintaining a healthy and content college lifestyle. Starting out as a freshman in college can be tough and overwhelming at times due to a numerous amount of things like the massive load of people, your friends not being around, and getting used to living on your own. At first you find yourself dealing with a whole new schedule that is very different then what you are used to. There are new responsibilities to face and all your actions reflect on you. It can get pretty hectic at times mainly because in college you deal with the transition of more work and less classes. Tesser and Bruce (1991) have come to agreement that “if the goal is to Maximize grades; a short-term planning window is more optimal than a long-term planning window” (p. 409). Tesser and Bruce (1991) have also discovered that “the long-range planning factor might become more important in a less volatile, more stable environment” (p. 409). In many cases the student gets piled with tons of work and decides to pull an all nighter so they can attempt to finish everything before it’s due. This option may sound logical because you were productively working all night, but subsequently this is not the answer that will appropriately solve the problem. According to research done by Macan, Shahani, Dipboye, and Phillips (1990), “165 students completed a questionnaire evaluating each individual’s time management behaviors along with their attitudes, stress, self-perceptions of performance, and grade point average” (p. 761). Studies done by Macan, Shahani, Dipboye, and Phillips (1990) have also shown that “college students who anticipate control of their time resulted in significantly greater evaluations of their performance, greater work and life satisfaction, better apprehension, less work overload, and fewer job-induced and physical tension” (p. 761). The first thing you must do to achieve great time management is to find or make a daily planner. Also make sure to write everything down and try to schedule your day out, that way you’re not just going with the flow of things. A very important thing to remember when maintaining a calendar is making sure to schedule a relaxation time. In college there’s not a lot of time to relax because of classes and other extra activities on your set list so it is very crucial to have a period of approximately an hour to just chill out and let off some steam. Keeping a calendar or planner on you at all times and keeping a schedule of your daily duties will help keep you organized and stress free. Many people feel they can deal with managing their time...
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