College Show'N'Tell

Topics: Time, Past, Present Pages: 3 (637 words) Published: February 24, 2013

College Show ‘n’ Tell Speech Prompt

Student Name: Katie C.R. HandelDay and time of class: M/W 12:12-1:25


I WILL SPEAK ABOUT Germany, surgery, unknown future

TO AN AUDIENCE OF PEOPLE WHO are a general audience of college students

FOR THE PURPOSE OF Informing my peers about my past, present, and future

Speech Content:


A. attention statement      

B. thesis Today I hope that you all get to know a little about me and the reason I live the way I do.

C. audience relation Not everybodies life is full of the same successes or obsticals but we can all try to relate to one another and to understand each of us is who we are.

D. preview of main headings I will introduce to you a small portion of my past, present, and future.

Transition in complete sentence, if necessary      


A. first main heading (first object), complete sentence My past was lived far away in Weisbaden, Germany… My hometown within my homeland.

1. supporting material I was born to two American citizens while my father was stationed abroad. He lived in Frankfurt, Germany.

2. supporting material I was born off American soil and was deamed a German citizen when I was born (show German birth certificate), my parents had to apply for american citizenship for me before I could leave the hospital and return to the base with my family.(show Certificate)

Transition in complete sentence, if necessary Now, for another visit to a hospital, 17 years later.

B. second main heading (second object), complete sentence My present is marked by a date- April of 2012: a rutine doctors appointment ended in fear, uncertainty, and countless possibilities.

1. supporting material My first "Well Womens" exams turned into instant fear minutes after it began. That emotion stayed with me for 3 months but...
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