College Restaurant Review

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College Restaurant Review

By | Feb. 2011
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Long Road to Bliss
McMenamins Rock Creek Tavern
10000 N.W. Old Cornelius Pass Rd.
Hillsboro, OR 97124

The other afternoon I packed the family into the car and started off on a thirty minute drive out into the Oregon countryside. We drove out into the deep wooded landscape about fifteen miles, or so, west of Portland down a long dark road. My sister had clued me into a “quaint and unique McMenamins” out this way, but as we drove along I started to wonder if this “so-called” tavern really existed. As thoughts of calling her and asking her if this was just a sick joke, there it was, an oasis out in the middle of nowhere just inviting us to stop in. We pulled into the parking lot admiring the huge log building that loomed before us. It seemed to blend into its wooded surroundings, almost as old as the land itself (simile). Excitement and anticipation started to grow inside me as we exited the car. Was the long road trip out to the woods going to be worth it? Can the Rock Creek Tavern really stand up to the great reviews we had been given? About an hour and a half from that moment I would be walking out the door with a big smile, a full stomach, some historical enlightenment, and a definite “yes” to the questions I walked in with. Having exited our vehicle, we walked up the stairs and down the path to the front door and were met with the most unique, ornate sculpted mushrooms. The building and deck looked even more rustic close-up, with barn-like architecture, and a beautiful forest setting. As we entered the remarkable building, the interior did not disappoint. The exposed beams, wood paneling, wood fencing, cast-iron fireplace, rugged wood tables and chairs, old-style signs and chandeliers all give a very rustic, barn-like feel. The amazing artwork littering the walls, beautiful stained glass windows, and the amazing carved and sculpted artwork that continues throughout pairs well with the rustic look but gives a slight hint of classiness. From...

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