College Rational Essay

Topics: Education, Higher education, Social sciences Pages: 4 (1218 words) Published: May 13, 2013
My reason for applying to Empire State is to complete my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. A college education will assist me in acquiring a range of knowledge in many subjects, as well as advanced knowledge in the specific subjects I am interested in. Throughout my career in the military I have received training in many aspects of leadership, and management. The training encompassed a variety of areas which included human resources and logistical operations. In reviewing my Military Transcripts I came to the conclusion that the years of training could easily be transferable in a civilian capacity. This idea was the determining factor which helped me decide to pursue a degree in business management. An Associate’s Degree will provide me with the necessary tools needed to succeed in a variety of industries such as finance or government. I look forward to expanding my ability to think abstractly and critically to express thoughts clearly in speech, and to improve on my weakest academic area which is my writing. Professional Expectations

Since I currently manage approximately 88 employees in the military, I thought it would be appropriate to explore the field of Business Management. Although this is a very broad title it covers a variety of different aspects from human resources, internet marketing to customer service and business ethics. By working in this capacity my involvement would be in making operational and personnel decisions, and would either develop plans or set deadlines. Since this is the area that most of my experience lies, it would offer me the greatest opportunity for me after retirement. I have researched several employment sites from Business Management Associates (BMA), and TLC Management and compared the educational and employment requirements. The requirements remained consistent between both sites frequently mentioning organizational skills, strong communication skills (both...
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