College Pressure

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Phuong Pho
English 21
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College Pressure
The college pressures are such the worst nightmares for every student in the world. According to William Zinser, there are four kinds of pressure: economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure, and self-induced pressure. In my opinion, college students have to face more than that. As a college student, two pressures I have to deal with are lack of study skill and lack of language mastery. English is my second language so now I am lacking the language mastery. It’s really difficult for me to study because it is all about English. Besides that, I learned English from a British program in Viet Nam. It is a bit confusing for me to apply what I learned to American way of writing and listening. Their ways of speaking are also different. For example, in the first week I stay here, my sister took me to McDonals to order food, but the waitress did not understand what I mentioned about. I felt so embarrassed that my sister had to help me out. It makes it hard for me to catch up with the professor’s lectures. After class, professors would give homework, but sometimes I do not get what they want me to do. In the other hand, my vocabulary is not good enough for me to write a good essay as well as reading a book. It takes me about an hour to read two pages of a book because of my limited vocabulary. I think I am going to overcome my lack of language mastery by reading a lot of books (which are easy), watching a documentary, news and films with subtitles to improve my listening and vocabulary. My second pressure is my lack of study skill. This is my first year college as an international student and I am new to American way of teaching and studying. I get used to listening to the teacher’s lectures and noting down what they wrote on the board in Viet Nam. It is a new experience for me to listen to the professor’s lectures and note down only the key words, the important details of it....
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