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Oct. 18, 2012
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Everyone dreams of different lifestyles some want to be a doctor when they grow up some want to be a firefighter or maybe even lawyers. That’s what we all dream of but dreaming about it is different from actually putting in your effort to accomplish the dreams and goals. Personally in the past I have been through a lot of things and spent my whole childhood in the hospital. I’ve missed a lot in school but that didn’t keep me away from overcoming my obstacles and continuing with my life. I didn’t know what to expect from my future cause at the time I really wasn’t even sure if I would survive from my battle through cancer. Luckily I was a cancer survivor and throughout my battle I started to think about how when I grow up I want to be like my doctors and help kids like me get through their battles of cancer. I have a lot of experience with medical stuff and how it feels to go through stuff like surgeries, chemotherapy, etc. My past is what made me decide on what I want to do with my future that is to get my PA degree in Oncology department. My Doctors are my role models they’re the ones that make me want to accomplish my dream. With them and my parents I don’t think I would have a successful life that I have so far. My main goal right now is to do well in high school and get my high school diploma first. By doing that I will first strive to do well in all of my classes by getting good grades and getting an overall good GPA. Then my next goal is to accomplish the things that I have to do in order to get into University of Florida. That means getting good scores on SAT’s/ACT’s, doing my community service hours, and taking honor and AP classes. Once I graduate from High school I want to move to Gainesville and go to University of Florida and get my PA degree in Oncology. I decided to go to University of Florida because I feel that they have a good medical program there and also that is where most of my doctors are. So my future plans are...
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