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Topics: For-profit school, University, Higher education Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Andrew Padrta
“Even in lean times, the $400 billion business of higher education is booming. Nowhere is this more true than in one of the fastest-growing -- and most controversial -- sectors of the industry: for-profit colleges and universities that cater to non-traditional students, often confer degrees over the Internet, and, along direct quote taking out of the College Inc. PBS. In College, Inc., a man named Martin Smith investigates the explosive growth for-profit colleges such as The University of Phoenix, now the largest college in the US with total enrollment approaching half a million students. Its revenues of almost $4 billion last year, up 25 percent from 2008, have made it a moneymaker of Wall Street. A college should be more worried about students education, and not about profit margins and stock prices. Through this film there were multiple interviews with school executives, professors, admissions counselors, students and other people that were involved in the industry whether it was an investor or just someone one from the outside looking in. One of the tings I will be discussing about with I don’t the way, successfully capture billions of federal financial aid dollars”. This was a like about this schools, is that they offer worthless degrees that leave students with a mountain of debt. As a student I feel that the loans taken out are a form of investment for my future. But PBS opened my eyes when they focused on for-profit institutions for the purpose of divulging the secret behind their success. Although I don’t agree with these types of schools and feel that they are wasting student’s money, there were three good things that I took out of this film. The first would be since there are no fraternities for the privileged students to drink their way through school, and no big athletics department, The focus is on teaching. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger embraced the notion of student’s electronic books for classes in order to cut down on...
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