College Football Playoff Debate

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College football debate
Here’s an easy question, who was the division one NCAA football national championship last year? If you said the Alabama Crimson Tide you are correct, sort of. Yes, Alabama did defeat the LSU Tigers 21-0 in the National Championship game, but some other teams could make a case for National Champions as well. According to the end of the year Associated Press Poll, Alabama was not an unanimous number one. LSU received one first place vote and Oklahoma State received 4 first place votes. Oklahoma State finished up 3rd in the final poll, after defeating Stanford in the Tostitos Fiesta bowl. Division 1 College football is the only sport that does not have a tournament or playoff system to provide a true national championship. This is not the only example of no clear cut true National Champion. Take for instance in 2003 when LSU defeated Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl National Championship Game, but USC defeated Michigan in the Rose Bowl and ended up finishing #1 in the AP Poll. Both teams had one lose each and our officially declared Co-National Champions. This is what really got people pressing and criticizing the Bowl Championship Series, commonly referred to as the BCS system. Everyone who is involved in college football from athletic directors of big-time universities to the average Joe college football fan was outraged and agrees there should not be such a thing as ‘Co-National Champions’. This is why I BELIEVE college football should setup up a playoff system like Division 1-AA, also known as FCS, Division II and III. 2003| LSU (National Champs)

USC (#1 in AP Poll)| 13-1
12-1| Sugar: Beat Oklahoma 21-14
Rose: Beat Michigan 28-14| Nick Saban
Pete Carroll|

Teams in certain smaller conferences are already eliminated from serious bowl contention and national champion hopes from the very first day of practice. Smaller schools are seen as less talented by voters and media polls. Voters pay more attention to how the game was won and who the victory was against rather than focusing on the simple fact and cliché that ‘a win is a win’. Instead of being judged on their performance on the field, teams are being judged by their strength of schedule and how much the team won by. There have been many cases of schools that have gone undefeated through an entire season and have been overlooked by voters for a shot at the National Championship game. A few examples of undefeated teams who were snubbed out of the National Championship game are : * 2009 Boise State Broncos – 14-0

* 2008 Utah Utes – 13-0
* 2006 Boise State Broncos – 13-0
* 2004 Auburn Tigers – 13-0
* 2004 Utah Utes – 12-0
* 1999 Marshall Thundering Herd – 13-0
* 1998 Tulane Green Wave – 12-0
These teams went against stiff competitions and teams such as Auburn is part of the South Eastern Conference, also known as the SEC, and is arguably the top conference in all of college football. Considering the last six National champions have come out of the SEC. (SEC's College Football National Title Dominance Likely Coming to an End). The other schools from the list above come out of Non Automatic Qualifying BCS conferences. Conferences like The Mountain West which Utah resided in until 2011, and The Western Athletic Conference like Boise State, produced great football schools. However, traditionally these conferences have been smaller schools and do not have as deep of depth from all teams. Unlike power conferences like the Big 12, Big 10, and SEC which have produced numerous National Championship teams throughout the years. Another reason for having a bowl system rather than a playoff system is that bowl games creat lots of money for each school and its conference. No matter if the team wins or loses both schools essentially win when it comes to payouts from their respected bowl game. The five games comprising the Bowl Championship Series are the most lucrative. Six...
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