College Experience

Topics: Learning, Latin honors, Psychology Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: January 18, 2013
College experience
Growing up college was never an alternative for me; I finished high school and moved from Cuba to the United States. English was a language that seemed impossible for me and in my perspective; I thought I could get by with owning a business and living off of that. When tax season arrived like every year I had my accountant do them for me, nonetheless, I reviewed my business taxes and figured out that there were inaccuracies. I decided to ask the manager of H&R Block near my business to overlook my taxes for me and while I explained the inconsistencies discovered, she suggested that I should become an accountant. That’s when my college experience began, where I hoped to acquire knowledge in accounting, learn towards other subjects, and acquire traits that have been difficult for me to attain. Speech was one of the first classes I took and noticing the struggle I was having with the language, I began to feel overstressed and felt the need to quit. The professor of the class overheard me stating to my classmate that I didn’t think I can handle the class, she interfered in the conversation and began encouraging me to take it and alleged to not lose hope and continue fighting for my dreams. Giving me motivation and inspiration, I decided to stay in college because of the professor. I continued my courses and began to learn step by step procedures on accounting and the right ways to do so. My knowledge began to increase and my interest in the accounting field began to grow. Being in college has given me the ability to learn not only accounting but other subjects such as Literature, English, Ethics, and other related subjects that provided me with the motivation I needed to proceed in my education; in a blink of an eye I was receiving my associate’s degree of science in accounting “Magna Cum Laude”. This gave me the inspiration to move forward with my career and obtain my bachelor’s degree in accounting. Learning about other subjects...
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