College Expectations

Topics: Professor, University, Expected value Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: June 24, 2011
Joshua Baymon
June 17, 2011
EN 101-02

Topic: My First and Last Expectations of College
Thesis: My college professors, college courses, and fellow classmates

Many students who are fresh out of high school have several expectations of how they feel college will be when they first attend. I would be one of those students. It was very important that I keep an open mind when it comes to my college professors, college courses, and fellow classmates. After all college is a fresh start and it felt like I was starting school over again and I would be that little shy kid sitting in the corner that no one would talk too. Luckily I was wrong college is nothing how I expected it to be.

My first expectation of college changed quickly after my first day of class. I thought my college professors would just be the meanest thing on thing on this earth and would be ready to fail me at a moment’s notice. Turns out I was utterly wrong. My college professors just wanted to be shown respect by coming to class on time, not turning in late assignments, and doing the assignments how they asked them to be done. My college professors were not so bad after all, they just have rules and the rules must be followed.

Not only did I think the professors would be tough on me but I thought I would not be able to handle the courses. Coming in as a freshman I thought I would have to study all the time and have no time for friends and family. I was wrong yet again. The classes are just what I make of them and if I sit around wasting my time then the courses will be hard, but if I manage my time wisely and put aside time to study then the course will be a walk in the park.

Now with every college professor there is a course and with every course there are students and I thought for sure that the students would be stuck up. From my high school I experience stuck up students and I knew for sure that college students would be inferior. Turns out the other college students were the same as...
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