College Expectation

Topics: Suicide, High school, University Pages: 6 (2334 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Tiera Burks
Ms. Berrier
ENG 101
October 1, 2012
Expect the Realistic
High school seniors have a lot of pressure on them to figure out what’s their next step after graduation, whether it’s going into the workforce, military, or college. Even though the choice to choose between the three is theirs to make, the stress of college is always put on their shoulders. An individual from said something that struck a light bulb and it states “these days, there is a great emphasis placed on students going to college, almost to the point of expectation”. At a very young age we learn that college was the way to go but the process to get into college is so intense it made some people wanted to rethink their choice. At that moment I knew that college was going to be no joke and so did my peers but I didn’t sweat it because I knew “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). Once we were finally in college we were spoken to about the integrity policy and how serious it’s taken, and we were given all these rules from the RA, and so much more. After the first 2 weeks of college many students, including myself, felt like their brains were going to explode and it made many of them take a step back and make sure the priorities for college were on the right track mentally and physically When given this assignment we were asked to think of things that affect us or something we were scared of and college expectations was the first thing to come to my mind. College expectation is a very broad topic so my goal is to break it down even further and give the aspect of expectations when it comes to academics and its outcomes on students. Before getting to the interesting stuff we must make sure we are all on the same page on what the word expectation really is. When the word expectation is said, it’s being referred to as the expectancy of a higher figure or someone you look up to. As a human being we are already expected to be and act a certain way, which is the reasoning for having laws. Robert K. Merton, a famous sociologist, once wrote that “a person's expectation is directly linked to the Self-fulfilling Prophecy” (^ a b Lazarus, Richard. Emotion and Adaptation. Oxford University Press, 1991.).When thinking of expectation, academics a reasonable word to give because with academics comes great power and with great power comes great responsibility and with responsibility comes great expectations. The next task is figuring out what academic expectations are thrown at students when it comes to college and a student’s success. The process of writing down those things weren’t as difficult as I thought it would be and believe it or not I then had a page and a half list of things that college expects us as students to do, say, know, and achieve when it comes to academics. College itself is a prestige’s word. In fact some might say that it marks the beginning of a significant life ( But some expectations such as the integrity policy in some cases are extremely too high of a pedal stole to be on. The academic integrity policy is “the pursuit of scholarly activity in an open, honest, and responsible manner, serving as a basic guiding principle for all academic activity” (Faculty Senate Policy 49-20, PENN STATE). The integrity policy isn’t just a statement it’s a commitment a student make but the way its enforced is kind of intimidating. Academic integrity is the heart of educated life both when it comes to learning and research (Cornell University, Academic advising office).Students are terrified of making a mistake and being penalized for it because of the integrity policy. When writing papers the integrity policy is constantly on a student’s mind and that is a constant struggle to have to write a paper with that burden on their back. If I were to violate the integrity policy I would not only get punished by the school but I could also be punished by...
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