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Topics: High school Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Brittany Williams
Mrs.Mathews Brittany 1 English 12, Per 3
06 October 2011

Prompt #1
Hello my name is Brittany Williams. Throughout my life i was raised by a single mother who has been there through every part of my life. I am from kansas city missouri , were i was raised and born . I have been living in kansas city most of my life . During the times i was in elementary i always wanted to be a teacher . At a young age i thought it would be fun to be a teacher after looking at the teacher i had when i was in 3rd grade who was very fun and nice to have. Roughly that goal i had planned for my career as i got older it didn't last long. The reason for that being is because as i got older i realize how stressful and hard it is to be a teacher . Although my mind had change through out the years as i got older. When i was in middle school i had changed my goal from being a teacher , to being a chorographer. I love to dance and learn new moves. I felt that i wanted to teach young teenagers when i got older, like how to dance and learn different techiques and styles of dancing .Also to help kids stay motivated and positive in their life . I thought dancing is a way were you can let all your problems out and show off the talents that kids don't show often in dancing in a more positive way . Even though I didn't stick to my goal of being a chorographer i still want to help a child and hopefully change their life if they're coming out of a bad situation, with the new generation that comes along when im like 30 are in my 20's . As i got older i realize that when your young you want to be alot of things when you grow up but some of those things you plan on being for example me having alot of goals in dreams , dont last long when you start seeing more option and opportunity, of things that you start seeing of what you want to be . I set my goals up of being a chef for my future long term career goal .I...
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