College Essay (Mechanical Engineering)

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At an early age, I had always been fascinated by how things work and how they are put together. It started very simply with playing with Legos and being able to put them together to form structures. It then turned into a great passion that I currently possess. This discovered skill of mine has encouraged me in the courses I have taken in high school, mainly within the math and science fields. I have always excelled in these subjects. I have decided that I am willing to use this as inspiration to pursue a career in the field of mechanical engineering. My desire for math and science has already guided a path for me through high school that I am eager to continue at the college level.

From the age of two, I could construct Legos by looking only at the picture on the box; instructions were not always necessary. I knew early on that I had a passion for that type of work. Even when I wasn’t using Legos or building blocks, I was constantly examining everyday items to try to figure out how they worked. I would occasionally take electronic devices apart, to the dismay of my parents, to look at the inner pieces and try to picture how they would worked. Although putting them back together was occasionally a challenge, I was able to teach myself about a passion that I would later explore in life.

My entire high school plan was to take as many advanced math and science courses as possible including advanced placement physics, calculus, and statistics. I decided at the beginning of high school that it was necessary for me to take those courses for the type of career I knew I wanted to pursue. Not only are math and science courses a necessity in the field of engineering, I have found that they are a strength of mine and that I excel in these classes. I know that these are the types of classes I will do well in at the college level, enhancing my chances at becoming a successful engineer.

I view the world very differently than a lot of other people. When I...
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