College Essay- Joining the Air Force

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Making the Right Choice
I sit there in a small box-office. In shock with shaking hands, not fully realizing the choice I’m making. I stare at the man sitting in front of me, completely blocking out everything he says to me. I think to myself “Am I making the right choice? Will my family support me with my decision?” I admit I was scared, but in reality, this will change my life, and for the better. Joining the U.S. Air Force isn’t just signing papers and you’re done, it’s a long and stressful process of mental and physical strength. I still wonder if I’m fully prepared for this.

Just sitting there, not moving, I think about my life, my future. “Sarah, are you listening?” but I don’t respond. The recruiter calls my name again, and I snap out of my trance. I look up at him and the man sitting next to me and they looked confused. They asked me if I was making the right choice for myself, but when I think about it, I second guess it. Not realizing everything until the time has come can make you really wonder. You start to question yourself, and sometimes even back out. I thought about backing out, until I thought of all the possible reasons not to. That’s what made me stronger.

When people ask me “What are you going to do after high school?” I proudly say “I’m joining the U.S. Air Force” but if you asked me that question 6 years ago, I would of said something crazy as “I want to be the president of the United States!” We all had that dream when we were younger, remember? I grew up always wanting to please people, be an inspiration to at least someone. Now I finally can. Knowing that people in this country will look up to me and have faith in me, it makes me feel like I can conquer anything in my path. It gives me hope to keep going, no matter what my obstacle is and to never back down.

Surrounded by my family, I wonder what I say first, how I start the conversation. Everyone is having a great time, laughing, eating, while I sit there starring at my food....
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