College Essay for Fashion Schools

Topics: Education, University, Clothing Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Monyette Miller
While preparing myself for college I began to ask myself, “What are my career goals and how do I expect my college education at California College of the Arts to help me attain them?” A question that I am now able to answer with confidence; My career goal is to become a well equipped fashion and jewelry designer who can bring innovation and convey my interpretations of the world through my skill of design. After graduation I plan to use my education and my design skills to pursue a position in an international business, such as Marc Jacobs. After gaining enough recognition in the industry, I then wish to establish my own fashion business. As a designer, I have developed a taste; a taste that is a reflection of many different works that have such a grand influence on me, with the ability to influence and inspire. Despite the artistic capabilities I have, I need a college that can teach me how to interpret and execute these ideas of mine into a structured and professional product.

I began to realize not only is fashion and jewelry design an extension of my personality, it’s also one of the most expressive creative outlets in my mind. With that in mind, I became attracted to the “casual luxury” of plain clothing. I assumed having no labels all over my clothes meant I had a free pallet to create the full beauty that I envisioned in my mind. With the help of being enrolled into California College of the Arts, I can be guided into the right direction in the fashion industry.

CCA will also help me achieve my goals because of the richness of courses offered. In addition to the hands on classes which will require me to make my own apparel, I will receive well rounded education of the fashion world. That way, I am not just a fashion designer, I am a fashion designer who knows about fashion. With classes such as “Special...
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