College Essay

Topics: Physician, Parent, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Adebola Atitebi
Mr. Sudol
College Essay

My Greatest Influence
Today, I look back on all the wonderful memories of my childhood, and all of the memories my mother and I share. I remember always going out to shop, play games, and watch movies with her. We always used to watch the movie “Enough” by Jennifer Lopez because the movie’s storyline is similar to my mother’s life.

About five years ago, I had asked my mother why my father was not around and why I had only seen him once in the previous three years. She responded with a story of her early life. Before my mother and father met, my mother had a dream of becoming a doctor. My mother explained that she had always loved helping people. She enjoyed taking care of others. She did not mind putting people who needed help above herself. Being a doctor would be the perfect job for her because she would take in the problems of her patients and do everything in her power to help those people. She was in medical school on her way to realizing her dream. However, everything changed when my parents met. They quickly got involved and soon after, my mother was pregnant with my eldest brother. My mother described her feelings as “ecstatic” and “worried.” She said, “I don’t want to give up my dream” as her explanation as to why she was worried about her pregnancy. My father assured her she would not have to drop out of school and said he will take care of my mother and their baby. Shortly after the baby was born, my mother started to realize my father wasn’t contributing like he used to. She explained that my father wanted to focus most of his time and money on his own life and he wanted my mother to fend for herself and the baby. My mother eventually had to forget her dream of becoming a doctor and had to drop out of medical school to be a full time mother.

Before my mother could finish her story, I gave her a hug. I was so grateful to my mother because she was willing to give up her dream of...
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