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I’ve been asked to write a 500 word essay on who I am.
Well, thats impossible. You want me to describe a life changing experience, or a person that has greatly affected me. You want me to write my depth and soul on a piece of paper just so you can take a glance, with the good possibility that you will just toss it aside? Well that’s bullshit. You have thousands of applicants, thousands of essays...this is not in any way personal, and honestly it’s kind of hard for me to take it that way. I just can’t seem to shake off the fact that you’re all money hoarders who think they have the right to pick and choose the “best” out of the crop for your educational institute. Maybe if you actually cared about education for the youth you would put into consideration that the majority of us cannot even afford your tuition, and just so we can get a “proper” education we will be in debt till our dying day. You want to know who I am? I’m the girl that’s been watching America turn into a giant contradiction. You’re all fear inducing thieves, you put this horrific idea into the minds of youth that if we do not go to college and get a certain education that we cannot survive in this world. But that’s not true, we simply cannot survive in the society that our country has created for us. A society based off the constant demand for power, money, and anything we can get our hands on that will give us the satisfaction of gaining more. Education has become corrupted, and I simply do not want to partake. Learning should be something beautiful and righteous, but those are two things I have not felt as preparations for applying to colleges has began. You tell me I need an education, well I’ll let the earth be my teacher. So, who am I? I’m the leader of my own revolution.

(I don’t mean any of these offenses to the reader personally, I tried to word it differently but I feel it ruined the emotion Im trying to create, I understand that some may see this as a very...
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