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College Education

By | November 2007
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Many people find it hard to determine the value of a college education. Having a college degree can often bring about new opportunities, a higher salary, and self-fulfillment. These are the key factors that influenced my decision to obtain a college degree. Obtaining a college education is undoubtedly a career enhancer in many ways and also a personal goal for myself. It will promote leadership and team building skills needed in the workplace. With a college education it gives the ability to expand general knowledge into a specific and defined specialty. The education will also provide the possibility of advancement to a salary position within an organization. These are several things that make a college education valuable to me. Benefits

Gaining knowledge in leadership and team building skills will enhance any role in an organization. These skills can be consistently used in normal, everyday work environments. The leadership skill will promote analysis, problem solving and the ability to make current processes more efficient and reliable. Team building skills allow for better communication among peers. Which in turn, allows for better planning, better insight and positive productivity levels. Proficiency in these areas is a valuable benefit of obtaining a college education. The ability to expand general knowledge into expert knowledge is also granted through obtaining a college education. The knowledge gained from work experience will serve as a foundation for the introduction of theory and the development of expert skills. By enhancing competency in a specific concept or theory, the chances of gaining a higher salary and implementing new processes is more promising. Transforming general knowledge into expert knowledge is probably one of the most significant benefits of obtaining a college education. Advantage

Acquiring a college education provides a significant advantage in attaining a higher paying salary position. This advantage also aides...

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