College Dropout Rate

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  • Published : June 27, 2011
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For decades, getting more students into college has been the top priority for

America’s higher education system; but it is estimated that 40% of college

students will leave higher education without getting a degree and 75% percent

of these students will leave within their first two years of college. (Gayla. 1)

The dropout rate for college students is overwhelmingly high, and there are

three major reasons behind it.

Many college students run into financial problems, the estimated cost for

tuition for a 4 year school is $35,000; (College Costs - Average College.1 )

and this doesn’t take into account of books, school supplies and other fees. The

typical American family doesn’t have $35,000 laying around to spend, so most

rely on student loans; the high interest rates on these loans are very difficult to

pay back and may take years to do so. While some students pay their own way,

they run into the difficulties of juggling work and school in order to do so.

Some students find that college is much different than they would have

expected; (Whitbourne.1)

work is much harder, more studying, more writing and greater

expectations. The first thing new college students experience is the workload is

much more demanding than in high school; students are expected to read the

material and comprehend it on their study time and take notes while in lectures.

Students also find that their time isn’t structured by others; but they are left with

the responsibility to manage their own time. Most of all the teachers are much

more different than in high school; while the college professors are helpful they

expect you to come to them and ask questions and seek tutoring unlike high

school teachers.

Some students have a hard time with the social aspect of college life.

Some students fit in too much and get side tracked with parties and other social

events. Twenty Five percent of students say...
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