College Degree Necessary

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  • Published : November 12, 2011
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Is a College Degree Necessary?
In Barbara Ehrenreich’s article, “The Higher Education Scam” she expresses her feelings about employers looking specifically for college grads to fill their positions. Ehrenreich seems to be voicing her feelings to employers because they are beginning to look specifically for college grads, instead of people who may have more experience and knowledge, or even currently work for the organization. She claims that employers seek college grads merely because they have a college degree and it shows they have the ability to listen and obey. Deep within Ehrenreich seems to be attacking the college grads by saying that once they have finished school and earned their degree, they are now slaves to the employers. Her claim is quite logical and the examples she gives validate what she is saying. Conversely, she seems to be going on a theory with her argument and her attacks on the college grads for going to school and earning a degree detracts from the value she has built up. Finally, Ehrenreich’s argument is effective to some degree, but lack of personal experience leave the article with a flaw. Ehrenreich uses value and emotion within her article to get the attention of her audience. We all need jobs in order to get through life and if you want to have a good job, you need to get a degree. This puts a lot of value in what you need to accomplish because the final product is suppose to be worth it, and employers will only hire you if you are a college grad. Ehrenreich uses this example to connect with her audience and adds to the credibility of her argument. Throughout the article Ehrenreich adds humor to help make an emotional connection with her audience. She says that whatever you learn in college doesn’t seem to matter. All that employers are looking at is that you were able to sit still for long periods of time, be told what to do, and appear awake. Ehrenreich is saying that no matter what degree you’ve just earned, all employers are...
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