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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Keana Carr
Professor. Cooper
LW 103 01
January 13, 2012
What makes a pleasing course?
Learning can be informational and enjoyable at the same time. You can have a pleasurable class and still get your work done. We all learn things in different ways so why should we stick to the same basic learning that everyone knows. A college course can be enjoyable by new ideas and new learning strategies. Which will make it more pleasing for everyone since it’s something new that the class likes and all understands the course objective as a whole. A dull instructor is different from one that grasps your attention in many ways. New learning strategies for everyone to understand clearly, and more activities as a class. Also the overall personality of the instructor can have a toll if the class is gratifying. Rather than having a mind-numbing instructor that does not grab your attention, you can have instructor that grabs your attention by the way they teach you the course objective. Such as new ideas to help students fully understand, in a individual way where everyone can understand. By doing this students will be more focused due to how the instructor has their attention. The instructor should always help all students understand what they’re learning instead of only half of the class. All students should feel equal to their peers in class when it comes to learning.

New learning strategies for each individual to understand at the same level as other classmates. One instructor may only want to have certain learning tactics for the course instead of coming up with others so that everyone understands the course work. An instructor can be firm about work but also can be exciting at the same time. You want all your students to learn but you should also want them to adore being in your course. That’s why an instructor that is just well-founded and straight forward through the course, have lower results of students who actually loves the course. Yet if the instructor...
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