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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Seminar Option 2 Unit 6

In the seminar for unit 6 it was discussed ways to avoid plagiarism, how to do proper research for a paper and how to add citations as well. It was also discussed prewriting strategies like listing or free writing and how to establish a debatable thesis statement indicating the main point. Developing a thesis statement is what we should do before outlining. The sample project in unit 6 was also viewed. When turning in the first draft be sure that it has a clear main point or thesis. Paragraphs are effectively organized with clear transitions. Ideas are developed well but may still need some additional clarification or research information before the Final Project submission. Sentence structure is effective and sentences have complexity and variety. Grammar and mechanics are effective, although some minor errors may be present. Meets source requirements and incorporates relevant source information effectively. All source information is given credit through both in text citations and an appropriately formatted reference page. Demonstrates APA formatting and meets length requirements. For the Final Project you will be writing an academic essay of around 750-850 words in which you serve as a mentor and share your knowledge with someone who needs your help. You can either write to a group of people who have a particular problem that someone in your field of study might be facing, for the purpose of motivating this group of people to overcome this particular problem or you can write to people who are themselves just entering the field you are studying but who are facing a dilemma and who need your guidance. This information is important because it will help guide me when writing the draft and the final project for unit 9.
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