College Common App Essay

Topics: Comfort women, Academia, Mother Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: April 28, 2013
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – I would never be able to understand the meaning of it if I have not come to America. When I wake up in a school day, I would still unconsciously recall my old life in China: curl up in bed and wait until the alarm to go off, my mom would put warm and fresh clothes on my bed and hot breakfast is ready on the dinning table. Sometimes I would miss mornings like this; I would miss my family, and my old life. I would miss being lighthearted and comfortable, that I could always be my parents’ baby girl. However, the changes have taken place in my life and I don’t regret my decision two years ago in which I chose to study in America. Having been living in the States for almost two years, I have to admit that my life here is full of challenges as well as excitements. First came to the State, to my host family, to the Gunston School as a 16 years old girl, everything was so alien to me; not only did I have to take care of myself, but also try to be accustomed to the environment and the culture. It was uncomfortable and difficult at the beginning; nothing seemed familiar, but I gradually got used to the uncomfortableness and started my life here. Communication helped me the most to become comfortable out of my comfort zone. It was not just a matter of language ability; to understand the cultures and customs was the key. Gladly I was never a bashful girl, my optimism and outgoingness quickly helped me become the new member of my host family and make new friends at school. Me right now would probably laugh at the me two years ago who tried to understand an American joke or a conversation about Sunday night football game, because now I could easily socialize with people; talk about football or make them laugh at my jokes—I no longer feel the barrier of language and culture that keep me from the community, I feel comfortable. School was a big challenge for me as well; especially I was willing to take on more academic...
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