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Topics: Texas Tech University, Horse, Texas Tech Red Raiders Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: November 4, 2010
“Major in Agribusiness. Own my own stable.” This has undoubtedly been my dream since I can remember. I’ve always known that horses would be a major part of my life, and more importantly the career path I would follow. With a degree in Agribusiness, this will allow me to have the freedom, knowledge, and confidence to own my own breeding and training stable. My knowledge in agriculture will help me with the equine area, while the business portion of my degree will lend me the ability to successfully operate a productive stable. The goals that are set for my education include giving my best, taking every opportunity available to me, and leaving prepared for what my future holds. To give my best at everything would include me giving all my energy and concentration to my studies and student activities. I am going to do anything I can to put myself in a position to become the iconic Masked Rider for Texas Tech, and be a part of the Texas Tech Equestrian Team. Not only is becoming the necessary skills to make my dream of opening and operating my own breeding and training stable a reality. I plan to be a productive and skilled member in the equestrian community when I graduate. After college I will further my education in riding by being taught by master riders around the world. I plan to make a difference in the way horses are trained, using Parelli- Natural Horsemanship- and operating an Olympic-caliber stable. Overall, I feel that Texas Tech University is where I belong. It has all the necessary resources to help make me a success in my chosen field and all the student activities I’ve dreamed of.
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