College Bound

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Sociology Essay
Society in America is always growing and changing as year’s progress. Attending college in today society is an important part of your life for many different reasons. Years ago college wasn’t as important therefore many people did not attend after graduating high school, most just went into the real world and started their lives by getting a full time job. Quality full time jobs in today’s society are not just handed out to those who are uneducated therefore a high education is essential in starting a great career, not only doing it for yourself but so you have the ability to support your family in the future.

It is very important for young adult Americans today to attend college for multiple different reasons. Jobs now a days are in constant demand for a higher education than just a high school diploma or a G.E.D. Not only are they looking for a higher education but most jobs are going to take the person who has the highest education of those who have applied, and if they are not chosen they are going to most certainly be selected for an interview over those who have a lesser education. The most important thing to understand is that with education one becomes harder to be replaced, ultimately avoiding the chance of getting replaced by machines such as atms or even other co-workers. One of the main things that can make you irreplaceable is a four year college degree. According to college bound “ the investment that he or she can make is to invest in obtaining a four year college degree”. By having a four year degree he or she has now put themselves in a position to not only succeed but have more benefits such as, more money, more free time, and the most important thing of all he or she can get a job that they enjoy doing. Most people without a college degree are unable to truthfully say they enjoy what they are currently doing and don’t regret furthering their education.

There are many parents in today’s society who haven’t gone...
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