College Athltes Leaving Early

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  • Published : December 2, 2010
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In today’s society professional sports play a significant rule. Not only are they entertaining to play but with them come values learned such as teamwork, playing fair, integrity as well as many more. Sports are by far one of the most sought out professions in all of America, and every year since the early 1900’s these professional sports leagues hold drafts to incorporate college athletes into their leagues. These drafts are glorified and looked upon all year and serve as a quintessential stepping-stone to the pros. And in the last thirty years college sports has become the prime example of athletes fulfilling their dreams to play professional sports particularly in football and basketball. In an ideal situation these athletes would use their athletic gifts in college as a way to earn a free education and a great opportunity to get into professional sports. There is now a large trend of these college athletes bypassing all four years of college offered to them, and entering in a professional draft before they graduate from college. There are many factors that have attributed to college athletes should skip the remaining years available to them to enter into a professional draft. It provides them with a chance for a better education later in life, the overall health of the individual participating in the sport, and economic stability.

The least rational cause for college athletes leaving college before graduation is education playing a minor role in their professional decisions. Many make the argument that these athletes are recruited to college to become students first and athletes later. In reality, it is the total opposite. Most of the high school athletes that are able to earn a full ride scholarship to perform in collegiate athletics, so they choose a school that present them with the best opportunity to further their athletic abilities in professional sports. College coaches go through a grueling process of recruiting all year round to persuade certain...
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