College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Matt Hagy
Speech 1

Every year people scream and complain that college athletes should be "compensated" for their work on the field. We hear that because college athletes generate money to the university they should get money back. Maybe we should pay high school athletes too, they generate money. College athletes in major universities don't pay for transportation, tuition or team facilities. On top of a free ride the school should pay them as well? Not a chance. I have some very good reasons why college athletes should not be paid. One of the big reasons why money should not be thrown around at the college level is the impending contract disputes that would go down. Football fans think 30 year old NFL players complain a lot? Well they haven't seen anything yet. Signing bonuses, multi-year deals and salary would be a never ending settlement. Imagine a player not being able to leave college because it's in his contract? The controversy surrounding 18-22 year olds with contracts and performance would be a game in itself. Seeing a college athlete hold out and not play for his school because of money? No integrity would even be seen. Paying college athletes would also send out a bad message to the growing young athletes out there. I mean is this really what we want elementary and middle school students to see? As soon as they see this they will be demanding pay at the high-school level. The message College Sports would be sending is "its ok to hold out for more money and it's ok to only pay some athletes but not others." Every kid will grow up wanting to join the football team just regardless of talent. The argument we hear constantly is "College athletes should be paid because they generate money for their schools" If that's the case, then high school athletes should be paid. Now let me just say now and clarify, I don't believe high school athletes should be paid, I'm just debunking their theory. There's thousands of high schools that depend on the athletic...
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