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Gary Kern
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Exploitation of College Athletes
Exploitation is commonly known as the use or utilization of something or someone mainly for the use of increasing profit. It is a growing problem around the world and many people don’t realize what is going on. Athlete’s at all different levels of competition suffer from exploitation on a day by day basis. We have 10, 11, and 12 years olds playing on TV in the little league world series and what many people don’t realize is that these kids aren’t getting any type of reward for playing on TV but yet they are making TV networks a lot of money. College athletes are the ones that are being exposed to exploitation at a much higher level than other athletes. They are willing to do this because they love the game and they can’t do much about it with all the rules and regulations that are out there. We live in a society where people don’t seem to care about using these athletes for income rather than giving them some type of reward for the extreme efforts they put in day by day to excel in their sport.

College athletes face a number ways in which they are exploited. A number of the college athletes who playing football and basketball at the big time schools are African American and suffer from poverty. Although these big time athletes get full rides where their tuition, room and board, books, and meals are paid for, they can’t afford to have nice things and enjoy a life outside of college. One of the problems these athletes are faced with is being bribed by agents. When they can’t nice things it is very hard to say no when someone is offering you a large amount of money, clothes, cars, and in some cases even houses. It is a NCAA violation to accept these gives and a number of athletes every year are getting busted for doing so. Reggie Bush, a running back in the NFL and former Heisman trophy winner, became the first player in history to forfeit his trophy for his actions. If college athletes were to...
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