College Assignment 1

Topics: Teacher, Employment, High school Pages: 4 (1615 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Task B
Bi) The terms and conditions of my employment are all found in my contract. My employment is subject to various national, regional and local collective agreements. These key provisions are the Equalities, Official Conduct, Training and development, Health safety and welfare, pay and grading, working time, sickness scheme, maternity scheme, car allowances, continuous service, notice periods and leave. Bii)

A Pay slip/statement is a very important document. On a pay slip/statement you will find the name of the employee who is being paid, the name of the employer, the total pay, any deductions that has been made, the date when then the money will be received, and some other very vital information such as the tax period, tax code, national insurance number and the method of payment. Biii) If any information regarding the personal information has been changed the employee must inform the employer. Two examples of this would be a change of address or if their name was changed during marriage or any other legal reasons for it. Biv) If an employee had to raise a grievance at work there is a procedures that can be followed in order to resolve it. The first step they could take is an informal stage. This is where the employee with a grievance would speak directly to the other employees involved, a head of their department or even the senior colleague so that they can try to resolve the matter. If this hasn’t work then they would need to go to the top colleague; this would be a head teacher of the high school and they will do everything in their power to get the matter resolved. If they need to involve the governing body or director of education they will. The other way that grievances can be resolved would be to follow the formal stages. The first formal stage would be for the employee to write a formal letter of grievance to the head teacher and any other member of staff that is involved. This letter should clearly define what the problem is. If the...
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