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I was a grade 11 student, doing my A-levels with full dedications. Since my childhood my mother always taught me to participate in every single opportunity that life gives to me. Following her steps I used to take part in all the school events or competitions. Hence since then I was regarded as a dexterous student. In fact, even in my high school I was active enough to participate in almost every program. I used to even lead some, which even used to achieve quiet a little success. I never thought those endeavors would help me attain one of the greatest achievements of my life which has an eternal impact on me.(descri

I still have a vivid account of the day when my principal called me along with my two other friends from the middle of our class in his office. I was bewildered as questions began bouncing in my head. What must have happened? Is something wrong? What is wrong? I was trying to answer these questions when I realized that there was nothing wrong that I had done.

We sat there for quiet sometime trying to comprehend the situation. I was completely overwhelmed by his words when my principal told the three of us were selected to participate in the ‘Youth Camp For Asia’s Future 2011’ that was going to be held in Seoul, South Korea. He later explained us that we were selected on the basis of our academic performance, co-curriculum activities and basically the overall performance.

The Youth Camp for Asia’s Future was a dialogue and mutual understanding based program hosted by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF) of Republic of Korea. Nine delegates from 24 different countries of Asia gathered together to exchange their culture, norms, traditions, language and get to know Asia better. The experience that I achieved in those 15 days is something that I’ll cherish throughout my life.

During that course of time, I happened to experience one unusual situation that not only taught me that life shows up different circumstances at different...
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