College Algbra Syllabus

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MATH 1203C College Algebra
Official Course Syllabus – Spring 2013


COURSE NAME: College Algebra (Math 1203C)

COURSE COORDINATOR: Ms. Elizabeth Dickerson, SCEN 312,


Much of the homework, some quizzes, and all tests will be completed using the MyLabsPlus (MLP) Student Access Kit to Essentials of College Algebra with Modeling and Visualization, 4th edition by Rockswold. The MLP software is required for this class, and should be purchased as soon as possible!! You may also buy the textbook, but it is not required, since an electronic version of the textbook is included with the MLP software. You also are required to have a graphing calculator for class, such as a TI-83 or TI-84 calculator.


1. If this is your first math course that requires the MyLabsPlus software, you will receive an email with your login/password information and how to enroll in this course. You must purchase your MLP access code before you will be allowed to access the assignments. You may purchase this code online when you first access the software or at any of the local bookstores. Be sure to use the web address to access your MLP course after your first login.

2. If you have previously taken a course that requires the MyMathLab or My LabsPlus software, then go to and log in using your current login (which is your University of Arkansas email address, including the part) and MLP password. This course will now appear in the course listing. Click on this course and follow the instructions. You must purchase your MLP access code before you will be allowed to access the assignments. You may purchase this code online when you first access the course or at any of the local bookstores.

You will be able to work on the course in the General Access Computer Labs and on the computers on the second floor of the Science and Engineering Building (SCEN). If you want to work on the course using any other computer, you will need to install the necessary programs by clicking on the Support menu item on the left side of the opening page of the online course, then clicking on the MyMathLab Browser Check link.


If your login fails, please check that you typed in the correct web address for MLP:

If you are able to open your course but you are not able to access your assignments, please try again. If you have tried a few times and still receive some type of an error message, then contact the MLP Technical Support line at 888-883-1299 (available 24/7) or click on the Support menu item to access their email address. If you contact the company, please make sure that they give you a case number, and then record that number in case it is needed for verification.


You must have a graphing calculator to use in class and on tests. We recommend the TI-83 or TI-84, but you may use any other which is allowed for use on the ACT, after getting instructor approval. PRE-ASSESSMENT:

All college algebra students are REQUIRED to take the Pre-Assessment at the beginning of the semester. After you have bought the MLP access code and accessed your MLP course, then you need to go to the testing center (SCEN 203) to take the Pre-Assessment. The Pre-Assessment will be taken on the computer using your MyLabsPlus account. The only things you need to bring are a pencil and your UA student ID. All other personal belongings will need to be left in the designated area in the testing center. You will be allowed 30 minutes to complete this assessment. The hours for the testing center are posted outside SCEN 203.


You must read the Official Course Syllabus and the Testing Center Guidelines and make a 100% on the Course Entry Quiz before you can begin any assignment. The Course...
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