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When I lived in Mexico at the age of 8, I noticed that some neighbors were not sending their children to school yet. Although I was a young girl, it worried me that these children did not have the same opportunity that I had in going to school. I decided to invite them to my house after school to play “a la escuelita” which means “the little school”, so I could teach them the alphabet, numbers, and colors. It was a challenge to bring these children to my house and then play. They were not used to the routine of a school, so it was hard for them to sit and listen. I had to motivate them by giving them a candy or stickers to stay and pay attention. There was no greater satisfaction for me that one of these children could learn something from what I had learned in school. This experience gave me the desire to be a teacher for young children. When I graduated from high school and entered college. The Sunflower intermediate school was seeking college students to work in their after school program. It was very exciting for me to think that for the first time I would work with children in a real school and follow a curriculum. The purpose of the after school program was mainly to help the children in particularly with doing their homework and develop social and art skills. This experience helped me not only to be a tutor for these children, but also get to know them personally and establish good communication and respect. I realize that each child has their own personality and a level of learning. My dream of becoming a teacher was getting closer, so I thought. I was gaining experience working with children. I was in college and since I was bilingual, I had the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for the bilingual program of Kansas State University. They offered to pay for everything with the condition of finishing the program on time and to work at least 2 to 4 years in the state of Kansas; otherwise I will have to pay them back. It was an excellent...
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