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College is a place where you’re able to meet new people and make new friends, You’re social life will become a lot more then what it was in high school. Aside that, You’re also Able to begin the road to your career, and depending on what career you choose, will impact your life Financially and Socially. With that being said, College is basically the most important time and place in your life, it determines how the rest of your life unfolds. My whole life I’ve loved the game of Football, and ever since I was eight years old I haven’t stopped playing. While in high school, football was more important to me than anything in the world, which was a bad thing in a way, because of how I was more focused playing the game on Friday Night than my doing work in class, which caused me to have poor grades. During my senior year it was very difficult because I wasn’t sure if I was going to play college football or not, because of terrible scores on my SAT/ACT I would have to forget about playing football for Southern Methodist University, They were recruiting me to play outside linebacker, but I couldn’t get good enough scores. Eventually I signed with Cisco Junior College. While I experience college, I want to be able to stay focused and make excellent grades. I would also like to be able to learn certain things that I will use throughout my life, whether it comes from a Teacher, Coach, and Or Friend. When I graduate, I don’t want to think back and say that I could have done better. This is my first online class I’ve taken in my life, for this semester I hope to stay focused, stay updated with this class, give it my best shot and leave no doubts. After my associates degree I want to enroll in the fire academy to become a Houston fire fighter, My Grandfather is to thank for that, he’s been my hero ever since I was little, after all he played football until he graduated high school and went straight into being a fire fighter. Writing essays can be difficult for me...

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